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Radius' Flaming Hot Cheetoh Burger as November's New Burger of Month

Radius’ Flaming Hot Cheetos Burger is the New Burger of Month

Competition can bring out the best in anyone…and now it’s bringing out the best in the All-American Hamburger. Today, you’ll learn why a new burger called the Flaming Hot Cheetos Burger has people from all over Northwest Indiana talking! And while everyone seems to love this innovative burger, it will only be offered on Wednesdays in November. At the end of the month, its future will be in the hands of the region’s biggest burger fans.

It’s called, New Burger Wednesday…. each month, Radius will launch a new hamburger that will only be available on Wednesdays. But this isn’t just any burger of the month, because there is much more at stake. At the end of six months, the best burger will make the Radius Menu. The burger selected will be decided by you!

Last month, it was the Pimento Bacon Burger. In November,  it’s the Flaming Hot Cheetoh Burger. This burger has everyone talking, especially since it is a radical departure from the hamburgers found in your typical restaurant.

October’s Pimento Bacon Burger

Will the Flaming Hot Cheeto Burger make the Grade? You’ll Decide!

Twice as good! Two Flaming Hot Cheetoh Burgers and a Beer!

But that’s exactly how Radius’ owner, Chris Pavlou likes it! The winner of several Restaurant of the Year Awards isn’t content with winning trophies, his reward is making his customers happy. And what makes Radius customer’s happy? Fresh ingredients, excitement, and innovation. Resting on awards isn’t part of the Radius culture.

Competition has always been the driving force for Radius’ Chris Pavlou. But competition, like everything else at Radius, is far from conventional. While most restaurant owners look at their competition, Pavlou believes that the key to success comes from competing against himself. According to Pavlou, when you look at the competition, you raise or lower your game to the level of the competition. When you compete against yourself and focus on fundamentals, you always try harder and give it your best.

This was the impetus for New Burger Wednesday. Chef Chris Pavlou will be challenged to come up with a new burger every month. Customers only have Wednesdays to try the new burger. When the month ends, a different “Burger of the Month” will premiere. At the end of 6 months, the top 3 Burgers will face off in the 7th month. The winning hamburger will be named and earn a spot on the legendary Radius Menu.

Tough Act to Follow… the Bar is Raised! | Legendary Burgers!

radius burger-Valpo's best hamburger

According to the article, New Burger Wednesday | Radius Lets the Customers Choose, The current line-up of Radius Burgers is clearly a tough act to follow. The Elvis Peanut Butter Pretzel gained notoriety from the Chicago critics and helped make Valparaiso a destination for Chicago’s biggest foodies. The Redenbacher is a burger worthy of its namesake- Valpo’s most celebrated citizen. A similar story seems to surround each burger on the Radius menu.

For a mouth-watering journey, you’ll want to read this blog. It features both an image and a brief description of each burger. Don’t read on an empty stomach.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at November’s New Burger Wednesday candidate!

November’s New Burger | Flaming Hot Cheeto Burger

The Flaming Hot Cheeto Burger with Valpo’s Best Bloody Mary

The Flaming Hot Cheeto Burger starts with the Radius half-pound sirloin burger with flavors unique to Radius. This burger is served with pepper jack cheese, applewood bacon, queso cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, juicy red onions, pickled jalapenos, and flaming hot Cheetos tossed on and around this remarkable burger. The burger is served on a toasted brioche bun.

The Flaming Hot Cheetoh with a Martini

It has been said that the All-American burger is the canvas of Chris Pavlou’s artistic expression. We think this burger’s artistic expression is best served with a drink, so we paired it with a few carefully selected beverages from the Radius bar. Food pairing has never been so fun! Just take a look at some of the drinks we tried with this burger.


New Burger Wednesday is every Wednesday at Radius -Valpo. It’s your chance to help decide which burger will make the Radius Menu. Of course, when the smoke clears at the end of seven months, only one burger will be named the winner! But for fans of the All-American Hamburger, the real winner will be you! Cheers

Written by Jim Jano Janesheski






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