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Radius cranked-up for Downtown’s Live Music & Seafood Fest on Good Friday!

Social Scene-Radius will turn up the volume on Good Friday. Radius Valpo and other restaurants are planning the downtown’s 1st annual Live-Music & Seafood Fest. The music-based event will be held within the restaurants…hopefully with Outdoor Dining options!

Angelo Cicco to perform at Radius-Good Friday Fest.

Radius has always been a destination for fans of great food and live music. Chef Chris Pavlou is teaming up with promoter Jim Jano, Griegers Motors and other downtown restaurants to create a special night of great seafood and live music on Good Friday-which is April 10th.

Jason Murphy

Radius-Valpo was first recognized for its live-music when it was at the top of the list in last year’s Cool Cars-No Boundaries blog, “Valpo’s Best Music Venues”. This year, the blog returns for its second annual run…and the downtown restaurants and shops are creating a festival to help make it an annual celebration.

This year’s 2020 edition of Valpo’s Best Venue Music list is being kept a secret, however, promoters have revealed that a music video will also capture the night’s magic. Pavlou refused to comment at this time, but said it will be a remarkable night for anyone that joins the downtown party!

Dan Reisen -Often performs at Radius

Check it out! Top Music Venues– Cool Cars…No Boundaries

Radius was at the top of the Valpo’s best music venues list.

According to Chris Pavlou, “It’s all about creating a great experience for customers. We couldn’t be more proud of winning awards, such as the NWI Restaurant of the Year, Chefs of Steel and Top Music Venues, but you win recognition by creating great experiences for the customers. Great music talent, recipes, and service are the means of getting there”.

Pavlou believes creating a great experience should be significant in all aspects of his business, including his website. The Radius website includes an interactive menu experience and it has one page dedicated to the Radius Social Scene and another page dedicated to Events.

These web pages allow customers to stay connected to Radius, even when they can’t make it in. It also allows customers to see upcoming events, music, and specials.

Good Friday -Live Music Fest- April 10th

Make your plans for Radius on Good Friday. The night will be special and those that attend will someday say…. “I remember when they started those festivals downtown. I was there. It was Good Friday, 2020.



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