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Radius creates innovative home ordering experience to help customers get through COVID-19. A story of insatiable drive.

Chef Chris Pavlou and his digital marketing team have been working around the clock, including weekends, to bring you a great home dining experience…an innovative home ordering system.  Here is the backstory that comes with every order.

The new normal… experience Radius at home!

With the COVID-19 situation keeping people at home, Radius-Valpo vowed to his servers and cooks that he would find a way to keep them going. He explored every option and found that the best solution was to change his business model and start curbside and delivery services- with 10 percent of earnings to keep his Team Radius intact.

Chef Chris’s resolve was relentless. He applied for an emergency liquor license for curbside pickup. Selling beer would help support his team. He paid his employees to paint, clean and sterilize. The Chef felt a powerful sense of loyalty to his team.

These were tough times and Chris Pavlou was going to get his team through this.

Radius had curbside appeal…but nobody could have seen this coming!

Radius-Valpo was a machine designed for creating a remarkable dining experience. The shift to carry-out had challenges no one could have expected. Team Radius quickly found the demand for call-in orders was daunting- and orders began to bottle-neck.

According to Chef Chris, “our team was putting their hearts into keeping up with orders, but we knew our traditional system couldn’t keep up with the high volume of traffic. We needed to find technology that would support our team and handle the large volume of orders coming in.”

The Radius commitment to creating a remarkable customer experience is insatiable.

“We knew we had to come up with solutions…and fast. Most of the available technologies and ordering systems were adequate at best. Our Radius customers expect more, and we take that very seriously. Until we get through this coronavirus or COVID-19, our new normal was to find ways of creating a remarkable at-home dining experience.”

Radius-Valpo, Valparaiso's best restaurant

The Radius website…

According to Chef Pavlou, “we recently created a brand new website based on remarkable user experience. Our site offers everything from an Events Page to our page called Social Scene Radius. But the cornerstone of our website is our food and drink menus.”

People love to browse through our food and drink menus. Part of a great digital menu experience is imagery. Our food presentation is part of the experience, and people love to see the images of our food and drinks. We didn’t see any generic ordering systems that lived up to our website.”

Radius-Valpo, Valparaiso's best restaurant and restaurant of thr year

Not good enough for the Radius customer!

Most generic ordering systems prevent the user from having fun. When placing an order, we wanted our customers to enjoy the same experience as our website’s menus. The only solution was to create a custom ordering system that was synced with the Radius online menu.

“We knew the only option was to create something custom and forward-thinking. We also wanted something that was easy to navigate and reliable. It needed to allow customers to pick options, like cheese options or extra ketchup. Prices needed to be accurate in real-time. The burgers need to be prepared just the way the customer wanted it.

After all, this was Radius… and customers expected more!

Creating a custom ordering system that synced with our current website experience was not going to be easy. Radius needed a solution immediately.

Sleepless in Valpo…

Chef Chris was losing sleep. He woke up early on a Sunday morning and contacted Jim Jano Janesheski, his loyal digital marketing guy. Jano wasted no time connecting with Jared McCart, Jano-Valpo‘s IT partner. It was a Sunday without rest for the three. A blueprint and plan were developed over the next few days. Once a plan was approved, the team spent the next week developing a new ordering system. Good was not enough, it had to be worthy of Northwest Indiana’s Restaurant of the Year.

It is with great pride we deliver the Radius ordering system found on the Radius website.

As a fun option…. use the Radius free home delivery. You’ll get a warm smile from a familiar face, and help give the Radius staff an opportunity to work! Cheers!

Take it for a test drive…

On behalf of Chef Chris Pavlou, Jared McCart and myself, Jim Jano…welcome to the new Radius ordering system. Now the best burger around comes with a remarkable home dining experience…and it comes your way!

-Jim Jano Janesheski

Jano, LLC -Digital & Web Development

Radius-Valpo, Valparaiso's best restaurant


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