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THE RADIUS MENU – ALWAYS FRESH AND ALWAYS INNOVATIVE The Radius menu is more than just Valparaiso’s best hamburger, Chef Pavlou’s innovation is insatiable. From international dishes to the full Radius drink menu, the Radius menu is always fresh!

Radius-Valpo extends Online Ordering Hours on Friday & Saturday!

It’s all about giving people what they want at Radius-Valpo. While Radius is working double-time to clean and disinfect, it also wants to make sure that people have the option to experience Radius at Home- with fun and convenient online ordering. Affective immediately, the Radius Online ordering will allow customers the option to order 7 days a week.

Under normal circumstances, Radius only offers online ordering on Sundays through Thursdays to assure staff can focus on creating a great experience for dine-in customers.

Radius now has online ordering 7 days a week!

According to Pavlou, “The staff works very hard to create a wonderful experience for every customer, and Fridays and Saturdays are so busy, we normally turn off our digital online ordering. But with the recent concerns over increased tests coming up positive, many of our customers asked if we would step it up and offer Online Ordering on Fridays and Saturdays as well”.

“It’s asking our Team Radius staff to step it up and still maintain the same level of service and energy for dine-in customers, but we think we have the best servers in Northwest Indiana and handle the high expectations. Working with such great people is why I love my job”, said the Radius owner and Chef.

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Online ordering that creates a fun experience! The Radius website has it!

Most generic ordering systems prevent the user from having fun. When placing an order, we wanted our customers to enjoy the same experience as our website’s menus. The only solution was to create a custom ordering system that was synced with the Radius online menu.

“We knew the only option was to create something custom and forward-thinking. We also wanted something that was easy to navigate and reliable. It needed to allow customers to pick options, like cheese options or extra ketchup. Prices needed to be accurate in real-time. The burgers need to be prepared just the way the customer wanted it.

We look forward to serving our customers the way they want, when they want and where they want… its what makes Radius different! For more on Radius Online Ordering,  here is a link for more reading. 

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