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Radius — Food Menu | Burgers Your Way!

At Radius, creating a remarkable experience is the cornerstone of our culture. So when Chef Chris decided to offer his delicious burgers to his customers online, the online experience had to be unique, simple, and fun. The generic third party ordering service wasn’t good enough for the Radius customer. Ordering a burger online would require customers to have it their way. The Radius online ordering experience would need to let customers have their choice of buns, cheeses, and toppings. If someone wanted to add our popular applewood smoked bacon or substitute fries with onion rings, it would need to be simple for our customers’ individual tastes.

Of course, having it your way means having more than just ordering the best burgers in downtown Valpo. Online ordering includes everything on the Radius menu, including appetizers, sandwiches, seafood, and desserts. Are you a fan of the Keto diet? Our Radius online ordering even allows you to order anything you want as a keto option. Having it your way has never been easier.

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