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radius expands its outdoor space as one of Valpo's best restaurants

Keeping it fresh | 12 reasons why Radius is still one of the best Valpo restaurants

I think you’ll agree that to be considered one of the best Valparaiso restaurants requires much more than just great food. A great menu is just part of the experience. People want much more. They want more than just outdoor dining. People want an al fresco dining experience in front of the magnificent Court House. When it comes to “people watching”, you can’t beat Radius-Valpon on a gorgeous summer night.

People also want to be entertained. Radius has become the place to be for live music. Last summer, Cool Cars.No Boundaries named Radius as a top pick for its top music venues in Valparaiso.

Having a great experience also means keeping the menu fresh! Visitors to downtown Valpo want innovative cocktails and the newest craft beer offerings. They want new recipes and dishes. When Radius was honored at the Chefs of Steel competition last summer, it was because of the creativity of Chef Chris Pavlou. Radius is all about keeping it fresh and that’s why today, you’ll discover 10 reasons why Radius is still one of the best Valparaiso restaurants.

Radius has an insatiable drive to find new ways for customers to have fun!

When Radius-Valpo was named Northwest Indiana’s Restaurant of the Year, it was because of the Radius experience. In his recent Award-Winning interview with Cool Cars.No Boundaries,  Chef Pavlou said the secret to winning awards was making it fun each time customers visited his downtown restaurant.

When COVID-19 had everyone letting employees go, Pavlou put Team Radius to work. Pavlou knew that when they lifted the stay at home orders, people would be ready for some fun. Pavlou would be ready. He would have a fresh new look at his restaurant. He kept his staff employed through painting, remodeling, and making Radius better than ever!

His bartenders came up with new cocktails. His cooks helped the Chef create fresh new recipes. Everyone worked together to make sure when this was over and people had an appetite for a fresh start, Radius would be ready!

12 reasons why Radius is still one of the best Valpo restaurants

New Bar

new bar at radius makes it fun to wait for a table

A new bar was custom built to compliment the festive Radius atmosphere. Chef Chris Pavlou personally designed and developed the new bar-which now doubles the bar seating capacity.

Getting a table at one of the best restaurants in Valparaiso often comes with a wait, and with this new bar, waiting just might be worth the wait. You heard right… the new bar is so cool, it might be worth waiting for the wait. Why? Because the new bar and new drinks are that good.


New Cocktails

radius fresh new drink menu is sure to please

click image to see the digital drink menu

Anytime Chef Chris and Bar Manager Jen get together to create an innovative cocktail, you can be sure it will be remarkable. It’s pretty tough to beat previous collaborations, but based on feedback from the Radius fans, this might just be the best Radius cocktail menu to date. Just look at the recent inclusions:

-Triple Berry Mule
Smirnoff Red White and Berry, fresh lime, topped with ginger beer and mixed berries

-Apple Melon Sangria
Absolut Apple Juice, Midori, lemonade, riesling, club soda, Blue Curacao float. Served with fresh melon

-Strawberry Spritz
Beefeater Pink, strawberry, fresh lime, club soda, served with lime wheels

-Summer Breeze Martini
Fresh muddled cucumber and lime, Ketel Cucumber and Mint, Watermelon Schnapps, lemonade and cranberry. Served with fresh watermelon and cucumber wheel

-Peach Bourbon Smash
Bulleit Bourbon, fresh peaches, Angostura and citrus bitters, topped with sour, splash of Pepsi, and peach slice

-Kiwi Banana Mojito
Fresh muddled lime, mint, kiwi, Bacardi Banana, sour, club soda, banana liqueur float, topped with lime and fresh mint

For a digital menu experience, check out the Radius website or the Downtown Valpo Restaurants website menu page.

New Awning | Al fresco just got cooler!

al fresco is cool even when the sun is intense or it rains

Experience al fresco even when it rains!

The Outdoor Dining just got even cooler. When a little shade is needed to block the sun, comfort comes with a flip of a switch. When it comes to a great view or people watching, Radius is one of the best restaurants in Northwest Indiana. Next time it rains, don’t settle for indoor dining…. al fresco dining now has a cover!

New Fixtures and art on display

Radius new look includes artistic fixtures and art.

Chef Pavlou’s insatiable drive to create a great experience doesn’t stop with his menus. Art and culture are the cornerstones of the Radius journey. The award-winning Chef considers the  American hamburger as his artistic canvas. From the avant-garde light fixtures to mesmerizing paintings, Radius is all about cultural expression. Your senses will be rejuvenated with good taste.

New Online Ordering

radius online ordering

Click image to place online order

Most generic ordering systems prevent the user from having fun. When placing an order, we wanted our customers to have a great at-home experience. The only solution was to create a custom ordering system that was synced with the Radius online menu and website. Pavlou turned to his marketing & IT team of Jim Jano Janeshski (Jano-Valpo) and Jared McCart (JWM) for a custom digital solution.

Radius Online ordering is fun!

Radius Online ordering is fun!

We knew the only option was to create something custom and forward-thinking. We also wanted something that was easy to navigate and reliable. It needed to allow customers to pick options, like cheese options or extra ketchup. Prices needed to be accurate in real-time. The burgers need to be prepared just the way the customer wanted it.

Al fresco-annexed. More space at one of Valparaiso’s best outdoor dining restaurants.

radius expands its outdoor space as one of Valpo's best restaurants

Getting a table at one of Indiana’s best al fresco restaurants now comes with a little more room for safe and enjoyable dining.

The Radius Menu-Always fresh & always innovative

THE RADIUS MENU – ALWAYS FRESH AND ALWAYS INNOVATIVE The Radius menu is more than just Valparaiso’s best hamburger, Chef Pavlou’s innovation is insatiable. From international dishes to the full Radius drink menu, the Radius menu is always fresh!

click image to view digital menu

The Radius menu is more than just Valparaiso’s best hamburger, Chef Pavlou’s innovation is insatiable. From international dishes to the full Radius drink menu, the Radius menu is always fresh!

Just check out the Radius Menu your way, from your PC to your phone or tablet. For an interactive journey, explore the Radius Digital menu on the Radius website. For those that want to explore the Radius in-house paper menu, just visit the Downtown Valpo Restaurants site. You’ll love flipping through the menu. It’s like being at Radius!

The Radius paper menu can be viewed at the Downtown Valpo Restaurants menu page

Downtown Valpo Restaurants Menu page

New Craft Beer Selection | One of Valpo’s best restaurants for beer lovers!

radius beer menu

click menu for digital menu

Beer lovers can count on Radius to keep it fresh. For people that want variety and explore the finest craft beers, Radius is one of Valpo’s best Restaurants for Beer Lovers! Want a digital experience…just take a trip to our Radius online craft menu. 

New Radius Wines | One of Valpo’s best restaurants for wine lovers!

Radius is one of Valpo's best restaurants for wine lovers

Click image to see the wine menu

Social Scene Radius

For people that want to stay connected with Radius, you'll love Social Scene Radius.

click image to check out Social Scene Radius

Radius is one of the region’s top restaurants for live music and its social scene. For people that want to stay connected with Radius, you’ll love Social Scene Radius. 

See and be seen. See whose who, and who was soaking up the sun with friends while celebrating al fresco. Which bands performed and the newest menu items. Stay connected with one of Valparaiso’s most exciting and ambitious restaurants with Social Scene-Radius.

Send your selfies and photo’s… we would love to share them on Social Scene-Radius.

Radius News & Events

Dan Risen performs at Radius

Don’t miss a live performance or a new drink announcement. This page will keep you informed and well connected with the latest news and upcoming events.

Events and specials page will keep radius friends well informed.

click image for Radius Events & Specials

Stay connected with one of Northwest Indiana’s most talked-about restaurants. From Merrillville to Chicago, Radius fans love making weekend plans in advance, and the Radius News & Events page is the perfect page for planning your adventure in the Vale of Paradise.

Chef Chris Pavlou’s Award-Winning Interview

If you didn’t see the Chefs interview, I highly recommend doing it now. As a writer and director, I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of Northwest Indiana’s biggest characters…perhaps none more than the charismatic Chef and owner of Radius-Valpo.

Read it here: Chris Pavlou’s Award-Winning Interview & Secrets to creating a remarkable experience. Cool Cars.No Boundaries. 

Discover the secret to why every visit to Radius is a remarkable experience. Learn what inspires the chef and where he learned it. This blog is a trip that every Radius fan will want to see.

Chris Pavlou’s Award-winning Interview. Cool Cars.No Boundaries. Brought to you by Griegers.

Chris Pavlou turns critic. The Chef reviews the Ram Truck-of-the Year in the Vale of Paradise.

Keeping it fresh | 12 reasons why Radius is still one of the best Valpo restaurants

So there you have it Radius fans! 12 reasons why Radius is still one of the best Valpo restaurants! As someone that loves Valpo, I couldn’t be more proud to have the opportunity to handle Radius’ marketing and help tell their story. Perhaps best of all…I can call Chef Chris my friend. Cheers! -Jim Jano Janesheski


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