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Jim Jano & Chris Pavlou's Award-Winning interview

Radius’ Chris Pavlou’s Award-Winning Interview with Cool Cars.No Boundaries

If you didn’t see the Chefs interview, I highly recommend doing it now. As a writer and director, I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of Northwest Indiana’s biggest characters…perhaps none more than the charismatic Chef and owner of Radius-Valpo.

Read it here: Chris Pavlou’s Award-Winning Interview & Secrets to creating a remarkable experience. Cool Cars.No Boundaries. 

Discover the secret to why every visit to Radius is a remarkable experience. Learn what inspires the chef and where he learned it. This blog is a trip that every Radius fan will want to see.

Chris Pavlou’s Award-winning Interview. Cool Cars.No Boundaries. Brought to you by Griegers.

Chris Pavlou turns critic. The Chef reviews the Ram Truck-of-the Year in the Vale of Paradise.

Thanks for the ride Chef Chris Pavlou and thanks to my sponsor, Griegers Motors for providing the Cool Ram Truck. Awards don’t just happen… they are won one customer at a time. With all the numerous awards won by Griegers and Radius, customers can feel confident that they are in the right place.[]=source&bt_field_value[]=null&co=US&pid=497&pc=J-WL-web&ver=html5



Cheers- Jim Jano Janesheski

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