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Radius Valpo

Radius-Valpo wins 10 Best Restaurant Awards- including Best Service-Chicago

Radius. Loved for its remarkable experience!

Radius Valpo couldn’t be more honored to have been selected to 10 Diner Choice Awards… including Best Service in Chicago. The next time someone tells you the best restaurants are in Chicago… tell them Chicago chose Valparaiso. Nice work, Chef Chris Pavlou!

Just check out the 10 Awards Radius-Valparaiso received! 

Best Service- Chicago / Illinois

radius Experience with best staff

Best Overall- Northwest Indiana

Best Food- Northwest Indiana

best food

Best Service- Northwest Indiana

Best Ambiance – Northwest Indiana

Best Value– Northwest Indiana

family restaurant in valpo

Fit for Foodies- Northwest Indiana

Good for Groups- Northwest Indiana

Healthy- Northwest Indiana


Great for Lunch – Northwest Indiana

Neighborhood Gem –Northwest Indiana

Radius-Valpo, Valparaiso's best restaurant

Notable Wine List – Northwest Indiana

Vibrant Bar Scene – Northwest Indiana

radius award for Bar

Valparaiso’s best restaurant is quickly becoming Chicago’s best restaurant!

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