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Radius Valpo

Radius-Valpo serves First Responders with 10% going to Team Radius Servers!

Chef Chris and Radius-Valpo is on a crusade to help our first responders and he is inviting the community to help his fight.

Show First Responders your appreciation with a lunch break!

During the COVID-19 crisis, Radius-Valpo is asking the community to purchase dinner from the Radius Menu for our first responders. These people are on the front lines with very little opportunity to take a break.  Chef Chris has joined his friend, Speros Batisatos and the South Shore CVA, in welcoming the Valparaiso and Northwest community in buying delicious meals for these remarkable people.

As an added incentive to join the challenge, Chef Chris is kicking back 10% of sales to support our First Responders.

Ordering options include Free delivery by his Radius staff. Chris has been making every effort to support his team by having them make deliveries, renovate the inside of Radius, and a host of other win-wins.

Radius is also providing First Responders 50% Savings on curbside carryout.

In addition to Chef Chris is offering our First Responders a 50% Discount with a purchase from Radius.

As an added incentive, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority is looking to expand the initiative across Northwest Indiana with its Feeding the First Responders Challenge. Restaurants across the Calumet Region are encouraged to see who can provide the most $10 meals bought by their customers to front-line health care workers and first responders battling the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re going to throw down a challenge,” South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority President and CEO Speros Batisatos said. “Restauranteurs are passionate about their community and this is a chance to help the community in a time of need by supporting medical personnel.”

Whichever restaurant sells the most $10 meals and generates the most shares and likes on social media will win a free premium $5,000 SSCVA membership that includes graphics and video support.

Radius accepts the challenge!

You don’t win the coveted Restaurant of the Year without competitive juices… and that’s why Chef Chris is asking his Radius customers to help bring the gold back to Valparaiso one more time. Chris believes fans of his restaurant are special… and he is counting on them to step up and support our First Responders with a great lunch or dinner.

Radius-Valpo, Valparaiso's best restaurant and restaurant of thr year

Radius recently executed a new ordering system found on the Radius website.

The custom ordering system was recently designed to handle the high volume of orders while creating a remarkable at-home dining experience. The back story is remarkable. Learn more. 

As a fun option…. use the Radius free home delivery. You’ll get a warm smile from a familiar face, and help give the Radius staff an opportunity to work! Cheers!

Ordering –

Food Menu

Drink Menu

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15 E Lincolnway, Valparaiso
Offering: Carryout/Delivery
Hours: 11am-8pm
Special of 50% discount for first responders. They are also giving 10% of sales back to employees at this time.

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